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‚ÄčAt IdeaColony, when we need to develop brand and market assets we use an approach based on the idea of Collective Collaboration.  Collective Collaboration is about finding the right collaborators and then managing their output to fit the specific needs of a project.  We source collaborators from a wide spectrum.  But the management of the project and the collaborators is done centrally at IdeaColony, and is done in a way that allows clients as much or as little input as they like throughout the entire project.  We also manage our collaborator community to best match collaborator skill sets to specific project needs.  So we get the best people for your project working on your project.  And if for some reason we need to make changes in the collaborator team, we can do that quickly, easily and with minimal disruption to a project timeline.

You also pay for deliverable and not for time spent getting to the deliverable.  This allows you to set a cost for deliverable based on an anticipated ROI of that marketing component.  So your not paying the same to create website content or collateral as you would a TV ad.



IdeaColony was founded in 2015 to provide strategic insights and direction for our clients.  We work as a key business and marketing partner with our clients to develop and implement short and long-term insight-driven research and strategy plans.  We have helped clients with new product development, communication campaign development, brand repositioning, integrated marketing plan development, digital and social campaign development and business plan development.  We work with cross-disciplinary client and agency leadership on business & research objectives identification, target audience selection, strategic insight planning & delivery, creative strategy development & execution and media channel planning.